Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lunch is Served

I was at a local Italian restaurant a few weeks ago and I ordered something called Mozzarella Caprese. It was wonderful. So, I was at the grocery store today and I decided I would try to recreate it. The above picture is what I cam up with. This is my recipe:
One tomato, sliced and arranged on the plate. (I recommend fresh garden tomatoes. They have the best flavor, but if you must buy your tomatoes from the store get the ones that are still on the vine.)
Slices of soft mozzarella Cheese arranged on top of tomato slices. (buy it in a block and slice it yourself. You basically want large fat chunks of cheese to cover your tomato.
Spoon out Black and Green Olives over top of the mozzarella cheese.
Spoon out feta cheese crumbles over top of olives.
Pour Kraft Tuscan House Italian dressing and marinade over entire contents.
Splash a touch of balsamic vinegar over entire contents. (Hint: Just a little of the vinegar goes a long way.) And Enjoy.

It is such a wonderful summer dish that requires no cooking. Plus, it creates a flavor explosion in your mouth. My recipe differs slightly from Roma's because they also added red peppers and instead of feta cheese crumbles, the put the Parmesan cheese powder stuff on it. I am very spoiled and cannot stand that imitation Parmesan cheese powder. I have to have the real shredded Parmesan cheese now. But the feta give it a much stronger and more powerful taste, as does the balsamic vinegar. Oh and if you must have meat with yours, you can add pepperoni slices to it and it is delicious, but it isn't necessary.


Suzanne said...

Why am I here? Because I'm exhausted! My headache finally ended, the air has improved a bit, I just heard from Robyn via email and laughed myself silly, it's been a rough day and I need to finally sit down, and because I was just about to post something fun at the Wild Onion. However, I arrived, only to learn Blottie Hottie was pushed aside by a tomato dish. But trust me, I couldn't have been pushed aside by a better veggie (or friend!).

Why? Let me explain. My favorite thing in the whole world, and I'm not kidding, is the tomato. I tell everyone, "I couldn't live without her." And it's true. I eat a gazillion a day. I could live without probably everything else in my life, but not the tomato. My favorite combo is sliced tomato, with a piece of "fresh" sliced mozzarella and a bit of basil, drizzled with very good extra virgin olive oil. That's it. Now, Cece's conconction is a bonus!! I may be English, French and Polish, but I eat like an Italian! I like a very light Mediterranean diet. I love every ingredient on Cece's menu. Oh God, Olives. Don't even get me started. My favorites are at Mrs. Gooche's (Now Whole Foods) in Beverely Hills. I didn't think I could move from L.A. without them. Seriously. So I bought that huge jar, I think 5 gallons! I ran out, but I've survived. And Feta. Oh Christ!. It has to be perfect Feta! You know, from sheep, with the perfect salt content and from sheep only treated with the utmost respect. (I know...I can just hear Leah and Kylie now). I'm pathetic, but that's why all my test came back perfect at Kaiser even though my stress level is beyond insane and my left side is numb and tingling. See!!! What you eat matters!!!

Cece, that dish is gorgeous. The only thing I'd change is the dressing. I'm a simple oil and vinegar gal, with a bit of lemon thrown in from our Meyers Lemon tree. Other than that, absolute perfection. Well at least I know what to serve when you come to visit.

Wonderful post sweetie~pie. Hope you're feeling a bit better and dealing with this evening of extra kids and an extra dog better than you'd hoped.

Love you so much!
The Birthday Girl ;)

Cecile said...

The extra dog is no trouble at all. The boys let him in a couple of times and he came and tried to fit his 5 foot mass of fur and dirt onto my 5 for 9 inch frame of fat and mommyness and we had a little wrestling match as I struggled to unload his extra 120lbs from my lap. But he went back outside and I gave him a Chicken Jerky treat and he was happy. I'm going to get a dog brush tomorrow after him and attempt to get some of the matted hair off of him. It has to be very uncomfortable. And even if it isn't it looks terrible. The extra boys finally went home about 5 minutes ago. It is 9:50 here. They weren't any trouble either, except that they didn't quite realize that juice boxes and lunchable boxes and paper napkins and popcicle wrappers belong in the trash and not all over my house. So we had to do a little bit of house cleaning before they could leave. But there parents were grateful to get an evening out, and I am hoping they will return the favor sooner than later. I don't know why I'm on here either. I have a half folded load of laundry in the dryer and another washed load waiting to be put in, and my kitchen and living room floors looks like a couple of dogs and four kids trampled all over it. Wait, they did! But my boys are playing the Playstation 2, so I have a few moments of peace and quiet. The dogs are on the couch watching Eight Below. I can hear Apollo barking at the T.V. have a good night, and Happy early Birthday, Suzanne.

Suzanne said...


Why am I here? Oh, that's right, I was exhausted and fell asleep for about 5 hours, now I'm up. This is insane. But, "Howdy!" **Slams fist on bar, in famous IV fashion, and says "Jorge, drinks for me and the pretty gal." Jorge replies "Get um yourself."** I'm gonna ring that little chicken's neck when I catch him.

Wow, you're 5'9"? I'm impressed cuz I'm not. Being "petite" is an odd thing because I'm always looking up unless I'm talking to a 7 year old, a dog or a cat. You'd a thunk Mom would have shared the inches wealth, but she didn't. I have brothers, all over 6 feet, and all my sisters are taller, but one. Hummmmmmmm. How'd that happen? I was robbed, and apparently so was my little sister. I should inform her because I think we have a valid law suit.

Appolo. Wow. I think of 70 lbs of T-Bone on my lap and can hardly imagine 120 lbs of Apollo. That is one big dog, but I'm so happy he's with you this weeks. It sounds as if he's in Heaven and will be taken care of beautifully. Honey have you considered just taking him to the groomer's and having him shaved? Matting is terribly painful for dogs and kitties, and very difficult to brush out and people who let their companions get to that point really piss me off. You'll probably have to cut most of them out yourself if you don't have him shaved. Just remember to put your fingers between the scissors and his skin so you don't hurt him. I wish Apollo could come live with you. It sounds as if he'd have a better life. Can he?

Laundry. Don't get me started!!! I have a new theory called, "Why bother folding because it seems like a valuable waste of time." I'm sick of folding (hell, I'm sick of laundry!). My new closet system would incorporate a slew of baskets from floor to ceiling. One for everything. It would be neat and organized to look at, and a dandy to work with. Just throw the crap in it's designated basket, then pull it out when needed. Of course delicates, like t-shirts for instance, would have to be folded so it wouldn't appear as if you'd just slid out of a basket. What do you think? Don't you agree that we should not fold another freakin' washcloth or towel?

I'm going to try to get my blog roll up and running so I've gotta go. Love ya baby and thanks for the birthday wishes and beautiful tomato dish. But most importantly, for your friendship.

I love you. Be well.
Suz XO

bindhiya said...

i have to check back later...since i hate all kinds of food stuff now..and thinking US doesn't have anything to eat...i know everyone here going to kill me..

hi everyone...
happy birthday Blottie..
love you all

Suzanne said...

Bindi, Bindi, Bindi, Bindi, Bindi...look who's here. Bindi! Hi honey!!! Yes, the smile on my face is so wide it hurts.

Don't worry about not having an appetite for American food because keep in mind Cece's dish is classic Mediterranean, so you're insulting Italy and Greece. Good luck with that sweetie!

I was at Save Mart the other day and thought of you. They had a sale on cantaloupe, 10 for $10. I bought three. One for me, one for Rob and one for you. Seriously. I thought it would sooth you. When I ate it, did it?

I love you.
I miss you.
I worry.
We all do.
Stop by as often as possible so we know you're okay. This is the safest haven I know and the most wacky! **"Jorge, Bindi would like a very light tea, and a little something for the wee one." "Right away Madam."** That's why we can't fire him (the little bugger).

Thanks honey for addressing me by my new name! And of course for the birthday wish. Love you to pieces. Get well soon, or give birth, which ever comes first.

Blottie XO ;)

Cecile said...

You are so wacky, I guess that is why we all love you. When are going to go to visit my new post on my real blog? Everyone is there except for you, IV, RC, and Leah. Where the hell are you people. It's not like I was really telling the truth when I sent out that email stating I was taking a hiatus from blogging. Hell, I can't stay away from you guys that long.

I'll try to put something non-food related up soon, so that you can come here and visit with us. Love you dear.

Hi everyone. Hope your Monday went well. Mine was fine.