Saturday, June 14, 2008

I've been working on some new art to hang up on the walls here at the cafe.
A way to class the joint up. Of course, I think I'm going to need to enlist the help of
all of you REAL artists out there. You see, I'm just and amateur. Show me some of your original masterpieces and we can class this joint up. Or at least make it look like the gift shop at the Cracker Barrel.


Suzanne said...

You aren't an amateur. I'd know. I love your work. I want a painting!

You think we need "classin' up?" We should have art exhibits, art on the walls for sale, etc. What fun. I'm game. Are you managing?

Love you,

Cecile said...

That sounds great, of course anything that MJ and IV bring will have to be hung in the Adult Entertainment room. Ang Gig and Mark's idea of art would have to be placed in the NASCAR room. But I think everyone else's art could go just about everywhere. I love it that we have something for everyone. I'm managing quite well today, thank you. I suffered from restlessness last night. We had a real nice electrical storm and it just sort of made me uneasy. But, I got some great video footage that I intend to put up here soon. So stay tuned. (I just need to charge up my camera battery now so that I can upload the footage to the computer.)

Cecile said...

That should have read, AND Gig and Mark's idea of art.