Monday, April 7, 2008

News from The Checkered Flag Room

The NASCAR BOYS were busy this week....

Texas Motor Speedway is where the action was this week!

Michael McDowell has a new nickname after a horrific crash during
qualifying. His new nickname is Michael McFlippin McDowell!!
The video is heartstopping, Michael drives for my favorite driver,
Michael Waltrip (go Mikie)!!
McFlippin climbed out of his car and waved to the crowd!!

It does say a lot about all the safety measures that have been
done in recent years.

Michael had to start in 40th place but finished 33d.
Mikie Waltrip finished 31st, hey I can live with that, and
David Reutimann the other driver for MWR fininished 41st.
Here is the video that has played thousands of time, so if you haven't
seen it, now you can. If you have seen it, just move on to the
rest of the Story ...

Michael McFlippin McDowell gives an interview
about his Wild Ride during qualifying!!!

The next part of the Story:

The Saturday Nationwide Race was won by

Kyle Busch, driving a Toyota

Jeff Burton, 2nd in a Chevrolet
Clint Boyer, 3d in a Chevrolet

Now to the REST of the STORY

The Sprint Cup Race was won by

Carl Edwards in his Ford. Here he is

doing his famous backflip!!

Jimmie Johnson was 2nd in his Chevrolet

Kyle Busch was 3d in his Toyota

Shift is over, emptied apron of "tips,
*grins really big*, it was a good night in the Checkered Flag room...

*slips on over to the dance hall to see what's happening*, and what do I be continued...


Suzanne said...

I used to drive a Toyota, but then moved to Beverly Hills and learned a new word. BMW. Probably because when I drove the Toyota, I didn't win anything.

Okay, I've been sittin' on this sofa for hours and no one's dancin'. I.V. really does light up the dance floor. Where is that man and his special lady? Well...maybe tomorrow we'll get lucky. Oh, and when he learns you got the password first, watch out! I don't think that's gonna be pretty. We'll have to include "Tusslin" in the sports bar!

Honey, Leah needs a bit more Crown Royal ~ it was a hard day for her in paradise. She'll be easy to find over in the corner...she's still holding the lamp. God she's a keeper.

I think Brian could reinvent himself as a chef. I just read his comment over on Leah's blog (I think he believe he can win!). He knows a fair amount about pizza and beer. Perhaps we'll hire him. Now that's going to be one fun interview process. Ladies, get ready. Is that Robyn's head I see bobbing up out of El Grove?

P.S. Here's my word verification: zonwwsmv. Who comes up with this crap?

Suzanne said...

El Grove, Elk Grove...who cares!

kylie said...

i had a better word verification: iwankdi

Leah said...

Is it too early for a drink? I love my new life as a virtual drinker--I'm coming to the conclusion that I don't do nearly enough of it in my other life!

Well, Suzanne, it's not even 7 a.m. your time ( I hope for your sake you're having a bit of a snooze!), and Kylie, gosh only knows what time it is in your neck of the world...okay, I reckon it's sometime in the evening, between 10 and midnight? So it looks like it's just me here. I think I'll make myself useful and tidy up from yesterday's drinkin' and dancin' before I return to the daily housewife grind in my own house...

Cecile said...

WORK WORK WORK. I'm at work and all work and no play makes Cecile a very unhappy girl. Butterscotch shots for me.

Suzanne said...

God am I tired. I think I need a double or triple latte and a pink cupcake. I'm going to have to serve myself aren't I? We need someone who can work the day shift or I need an assistant. I can barely get my butt off this chair I'm so exhausted. =---------------------------- (Picasso just wrote that...he sneaked in when I wasn't looking. Okay, the cafe is 'Pet Friendly' too! All are welcome, even ducks!)

If a latte is served in that soup bowl thingie that Robyn and Gig bring me, what do a put a triple in? The dish pan? Okay, I'll go get it. Great, Cecile left dirty dishes in the pan. Rule #1: you can't leave crap behind for someone else to clean up and Rule #2: I'm not cleanin' that crap up. Here we go, I found something. I'll use the Calphalon pan. It says it holds 2 quarts. That should be enough coffee to get my engine running, right? Hey, who ate all the cupcakes Leah? You? Okay Rule #3: you have to leave some for the rest of us. You aren't allowed to eat all 24. God I needed my fix of Red Dye #3 and now I'm not going to get it. I hope we have some instant coffee in this place because I just realized I have no idea how to operate this espresso machine. Do I just throw some beans in and hit the red button? Or is that our direct line to the White House? It's in Italian. Rule #4: I can't read Italian.

Oh and Leah, I don't think you can start drinking before 7am (not healthy), and Cecile, I don't think you should start before 7pm!!! Frankly, Cecile, I think you should have a very narrow window of opportunity ~~ let's say 7-8pm.

Okay, I'm going to go look for some instant and put on some Dean Martin. Yup, I'll be dancin' alone, but sometimes that's the best part. Picasso can sit on the sofa and watch with envy as Mommy cuts a rug.

XO to all!

kylie said...

i think NY is about 16 hours behind sydney, in my ususal slack way i have no intention of checking!
you know it's always drinking time somewhere in the world and this is an international effort, right?

Cecile said...

Sure it an international effort. If you want to be part of the team, I need to know your email address. Kylie, I have yours. I will allow my email address to show on my profile page for a bit so that anyone that wants to be part of the team can shoot me an email and I'll give you author rights (if I approve of you! LOL) Oh and I'm not sure Suzanne should be making up the rules. Rule #5. NO MORE RULES. Geesh we live by too many rules already. This is a place to cut loose and be fancy free. I think I'll add on an Arcade for the kids, and in the back secret room we will have some craps and blackjack tables with a few slots thrown in for luck. Anyway, just finished boyscouts and now it's house cleaning time.

*Cecile tosses down a butterscotch shot and chases it with some Wild Turkey. Goes to the sink and washes her glasses before she calls a taxi for a ride home.* "TAXI"

Suzanne said...

Okay, rules are out!!! 24 pink cupcakes for everyone. Well I'm headed over to the sports bar for a little NCAA Championship action. UCLA made it all the way to the Final Four, but got their butts kicked by Memphis the other day, as most of you know. I'm pullin' for Memphis to win the whole kit-n-cabootle (yup, I know it's not a word and I have no idea how to spell it, so I just winged it! No rules!). Hey CeCe, can we get a poker table in this joint?

I'm going to slip on over to the dance hall to see who showed up and maybe take a whirl or two with a handsome gent. Wow, the place is crowded! It's a hit. Good thing I wore my best black sling back heels and a matching little black dress. This could take awhile. Can someone keep an eye on the game for me? I think I might see a handsome fella' in a black trench coat with lots of pockets dancing to his own music.


kylie said...

well thank you for the inference that i might get contributors rights...i was actually just trying to say that it has to be drinking time some where in the world, so just go by that time!
would love to contribute, tho.
i'd better have a pice of pavlova while i think about all this. and maybe a ginger beer to drink

'54Bomber said...

Hey Gig,
Thanks for the update on the NASCAR BOYS.
Michael McDowell is one lucky dude!
He should go out and get himself a lottery ticket. Mikie Waltrip seems to have had an ordinary day in "the office". I'm sure he will do better next time.
BTW, that video was un#*%#2!ing believable. Excuse` mois, but we can relax here - can we not?

'54Bomber said...

Has anybody checked out CSI Seattle's latest post? If you haven't get on over there!

Cecile said...

Well, we are bating down the hatches and hunkering down for another round of severe weather tonight. I will let all of you know how we fared tomorrow, but I'm going to shut the power down so that I don't fry my mother board. Some one do some Crown Royal shooters for me. Right now my head hurts too bad to drink. I hate it when weather fronts roll in. Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful evening.

Gig said...

*Cece orders two crown royal shooters and two butterscotch shots, tosses back b.shots and runs for cover.*

*Gig tosses back c.royal shooters, looks around for man in long black trench coat with many pockets...for a "special chaser"...* "Thanks, Cece"

*spots Suze twirling around the dance floor with a handsome gent* "Boy, can she cut a rug!"

*Gig heads to the "Secret Room", looking to win some cash at the "Blazing Seven's" slot machine...ohh, here we go...cha ching...

*keeping eyes open for everyone else to show up for some action*

Leah said...

Hi Gig! I've got to try out those slots--I have some serious affection for instant gratification. I love slot machines!

Cecile--I hope you're snug and cozy with your family, drinking hot cocoa, and that the storm is just a big old bunch of rain and wind tonight.

Okay, time for my virtual stiff drink!

Cecile said...

Well, it looks like we are safe tonight. Just a little rain and some thunder and lightening. I just checked the radar and things are about to pass us, so no troubles except for whinny children that wont go to bed. I have to get them to bed early tonight. So teeth brush schedual is 930pm. Then bed. YES, that is early for them. It was almost 11 last night. They told me they were hungry at 1015pm last night and so I was cooking Velveta Shells and cheese. They got teeth brushed twice. I was not a happy camper. Well, have a house hold to whip into shape, so I'm clocking out for the night.


cecile, i see Bush has pushed the tornado button for your neck of the woods eh? glad to hear that you are okay and unharmed. hope that this weather brings some jobs to the state and the economy brightens up out there...

*heads down to the secrete gaming room to cheer gig on*

"i'll have three of what ever gigs drinking!"