Friday, April 18, 2008

The Pokemon Battle has begun.

I just had to share this with everyone. As you can tell Pokemon is very popular at my house.

This particular battle is the battle of Doom. I am able to let the battle ensue for a little bit, but

eventually I have to break it up. They get just a little bit too serious. Anyway, enjoy and have a

great weekend, Friends.


Suzanne said...

I'm voting for the one in the red sweat pants! Run for the hills honey!!!

Suzanne said...

Aunt Suzie will save you honey. We'll go eat what's left of Aunt Robyn's cupcakes over in the "Family Area" of the cafe. Aunt Bindi and Serene will come and so will Aunt Leah and her little mushroom. Right. Hedgehog. Whoops.

'54Bomber said...

Aaah! So THAT's how you play Pokemon :)
Last man standing wins.
Enjoy the weekend.


Suzanne said...

Do you really think that's how it's played?

Leah said...

Pokemon fever has seized our household as well. But here it's the cards without the game (Hedge loves just rearranging and poring over her collection; occasionally trading), and the video games occasionally. But Hedgehog's favorite thing of all is the Pokemon manuals. She'll read them by the hour. Go figure.

The video is hilarious.

Cecile said...

OMG! I just watched that again. It is sooooo funny. I don't know what the clicking noise is that we hear in the background though. Someone was mowing their brown grass though. Nathan is the one in the red sweats, and Forrest was fierce one. TRUST ME, he REALLY is that aggressive. He is like a little bolt of lightening. Shake him up and let him go and he slices through life in a bolt of energy. They have the cards too! I have to tell them daily. If I find any Pokemon cards on the floor, they go in the trash. I've started telling them that about their hot wheel cars and other toys too. And the house is actually staying a little bit cleaner now. I'm glad my kids could make you guys laugh. They bring such joy to my life, sometimes I just like to Share the joy.
*orders a mango margurita, downs it and in a fit of brain freeze busts a move on the dance floor.*

Suzanne said...

Honey, I swear to God this is what Rob said..."They still have brown grass?" Thank God for brilliance! That was just too sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. Where do guys come up with that sort of crap? I said "Hon, I think they just had snow a week ago." You did, right? That's my boy. Yup...he's a keeper. We watch the news. Really.

'54Bomber said...

No.I don't really think that's how pokemon is played.I didn't mean it that way.
It was great watching your boys having fun being boys. I watched the video again and I can't make out what the clicking noise is either. Although it sounded to me like a box of something being shaken. Thanks for sharing the video. Cecile.

Cecile said...

I have been visiting family all day today, and I have taken a lot of beautiful pictures. My sister seemed to be feeling alright today, but she was tired and had quite a bit of face pain today. Her spirits are high though. I didn't get a picture of her today because she didn't feel like being photographed. She appreciates all of the prayers and get well wishes that are bein sent her way, and she says that she can feel the healing power that all of you are conjuring up channeling through her. Thanks everyone for the support.

:-) Cecile :-P

Gig said...

I love the video of the boys!! I wish we could bottle all of their energy!! Thanks for sharing with us.

I am glad you had family time today, it is good that you are in the same area. I will keep thinking those positive thoughts and sending them your way.

Take care and see ya at the onion, I am ready for a little *fun*.
Love ya, Gig