Sunday, April 20, 2008

Home away from Home

When I visit the Wild Onion, this is the picture in my head:
cool jazz
eye candy

comfy couches

melting moments

great coffee
and wonderful company!


Gig said...

Yum,yum,yuumm....*chillin'* on the comfy couch,while *sipping* on delicous coffee...loving the new "eye candy", he sure knows how to play the sax, hope he stays around.

Great pictures in "your head" Kylie!! Love it and you, Gig

'54Bomber said...

I'm relaxed to the max and diggin' the vibes. Man, how cool is this? :)

ShutterSpy said...

Nooo! I hate those setees/sofas/couches made from old cars because I *love* old cars far too much to see them dismantled :(

But yup, the other things are fine (not too keen on jazz or coffee myself, but it's all good lol)

'54Bomber said...

I love old cars too, especially old HOLDENS :)

kylie said...

if i tell you the car was damaged and making a sofa was the best way to preserve it, would that help?
of course it's true !
ruining a holden to make a car would be sacriledge, i couldnt be party to that!

Cecile said...

Well, I"m just here for the eye candy. HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA. Oh and the good company. And the rock bands, and the alcohol. Yep, that's what I"m here for.

Leah said...

Hi all! I'm sneaking in here for a quick one after the big Passover seder I held at our house tonight...I'm exhausted, also a little drunk from the Kosher wine...I'd better have a good strong cup of coffee with my matzah.

Okay, I'm going to go wash the zillions of dishes...

Nice post, Kylie!

Suzanne said...

Poem To Leah

I too would love to be
sitting on a comfy sofa,
with some eye candy,
listening to cool jazz,
being hand fed melting moments
and sipping great coffee.
My dear friends
would be searching
for my shoes,
once found,
we'd all dance.
Love you my dear and welcome to your first post at The Wild Onion Cafe! Yeeee Haww!!! I know, I really do have to stop that.


Leah said...

I think you meant Poem to Kylie--but I was so excited to see my name there for a moment!!!!

Oh well

Suzanne said...

Crap. You're right! I was so tired last night. Thanks. Sorry Kylie, I'll do better next time.


Suzanne said...


Now you can get excited. This one's to you!


P.S. Actually I wanted to say Happy Passover on Friday, but hit the pillow before I could get to your blog. Then wanted to say it last night, but pooped out again. So Happy Belated Passover! Can I do that? Does it count?

Leah said...

Thanks Suzanne,

It's not belated--it's still Passover! Until nightfall of the 27th. A nice, long holiday with no leavened food of any kind. That's a whole lotta matzoh!

xo, Leah

Suzanne said...

Oh that's right. Now you know I'm really not Jewish! I just went into Rob's office and told him I thought it was a one day event and he could barely contain himself. I said "Well now she knows I'm really not Jewish." He couldn't stop laughing and said "Honey, you don't have to be Jewish to know Passover is a long holiday, you simply have to be breathing!!" Hey! That's not funny. Well, I learned a valuable lesson, I'll be better prepared to help you celebrate next year.

When I get some time I'll tell you a funny story. Rob's best friend from high school is Jewish and Rob attended his mom's Shiva a few months ago. Dr. S. told the funniest story about his wife and it's worth sharing. If I forget, remind me. Perhaps Rob will write it.


P.S. Instead of all matzoh, can you switch it up with a bit of Ak Mak!?

Leah said...

I actually love Ak Mak, but alas, it contains yeast...

Suzanne said...


Suzanne said...

NO! Not you. Yeast.

Suzanne said...

Leah, do you know there all sorts of yummy breads at the health food store made without yeast? They toast up beautifully and with lots of butter make almost the perfect meal! Can you eat butter? Okay, if not, they also make amazing sandwich bread. Are you allowed to have a sandwich?


Anonymous said...

OMG! That's wonderful! Love, Love, Love it!!!