Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dessert Carnival..... Soan Papdi!!!

This is for the Dessert Carnival!!!
My favorite Sweet of all time...nothing is like a piece of Soan Papdi... So Enjoy a Piece of it...with a good cup of Masala Chai...

Soan Papdi is made of sugar, pure ghee, wheat flour, gram flour, cardamom, almonds, pistachio, cucumber seeds... it is a traditional Indian sweet.

here is a simple recipe I find...I used to buy them from Indian store..

Soan Papdi..


1 1/4 cup gramflour

1 1/4 cup plain flour

250 ghee (clarified butter)

2 1/2 cups sugar

1 1/2 cup water

2 tbsp. Milk

1/2 tsp. cardamom seeds


1. Sift both flours together. Then heat Ghee in a pan.
2. Add flour mixture and roast on low heat till light golden. Keep aside to cool a little, stirring occasionally.
3.Now make syrup out of sugar, Bring syrup to 2 1/2 thread consistency Pour at once into the flour mixture.
4. Beat well with a large fork till the mixture forms thread like flakes. Pour onto a greased surface and roll to 1" thickness lightly.
5. Sprinkle the cardamom seeds and gently press down with palm.
6.Cool, cut into squares, Store in airtight container.

Here is a link to buy online....

and My Tea

Masala Chai

This warming beverage is easy to prepare by steeping spices in hot water and milk before adding black tea. It's not as milky as the chai often sold at American coffee bars. To make it richer, add more milk and sugar to taste.

Serves: 4

4 whole cloves
2 cardamom pods
1 cinnamon stick, broken into pieces
3 cups water
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1/8 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1/2 cup milk
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
2 tablespoons Black tea

In a mortar, crush the cloves, cardamom pods and cinnamon. Transfer the crushed spices to a small saucepan, add the water, ginger and pepper and bring to a boil. Remove the pan from the heat, cover and let steep for 5 minutes. Add the milk and sugar to the pan and bring to a boil. Remove from the heat and add the tea. Cover and let steep for 3 minutes. Stir the chai, strain it into a warmed teapot or directly into teacups.

Hope everyone will enjoy!!!


Cecile said...

UMMM this looks very yummy. Would you make me some, Bindi? Oh and I'm going to be at my sisters this weekend. Let me know if you would like to visit.

kylie said...

AHHH, Chai, yum no, YUM
and the sweet too ....
suze, when you come back i just want oyu to know that a dessert buffet would make all my dreams come true on my birthday and you've got that sorted already....EXCELLENT

kylie said...

terrible punctation and typos...i must have only got a few hours sleep. sorry

Suzanne said...

How lovely Bindi!

Tea with black pepper. I'm trying to imagine that. That is an interesting collection of spices in one tea! Honey, where can I go and buy that just to test it out. Starbucks?


And Kylie darling, all the desserts are for your birthday. How convenient! Man, did that work out beautifully or what?!

Love you both,

p.s. Cece, you're the best. Wish I could visit.

Ms Dragonfly said...

Yumm, yum, yum Yum! love the top sweet! if it's the one i think it is. by the looks of it i'm sure i'm right. i love indian and middle eastern sweets!

Suzanne said...

Ms Dragonfly ~ Welcome! Sit on the sofa, have a cup of tea and look at the view! You should stop laughing by next year. Oh, and if you want to play "slops," just walk through the beads.

I see my little sweetie~pie award to the north-east! Yeeeeeeee Hawwwwwww. That's to all of us baby! We deserve every singe inch of it. Why? Cuz we're terrific. God I love this place. Bindi honey, can you bring me some tea? I'm so exhausted from today. Have I.V. put something special in it please. I'll get tea for you after Serene goes to sleep. You can just sit on the sofa and veg for awhile and we'll all take care of you.

Love to all the Peeps!

Ms Dragonfly said...

thank you so much for the complement and coming by :) as for the invite, i don't cook or bake, not really so i'll watch and enjoy the yummies y'all come up with if that's ok :)

Cecile said...

Oh and Bindi, I love Chia tea, so I need some of it when we visit too. (homemade of course)

Cecile said...

Ok, Carol and I need your support again. This time it is our Dad. I just got off the phone with my sister, and apparently my Dad had a Transfusion reaction to some blood products he received today. He coded. They were able to recessitate him, but he is in ICC. He is able to talk and he told them that if he codes again he does not want to be recessitated. I am waiting for Harvey to come home and stay with the boys, and then I am going to go to the hospital. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I need you guys to support me. I think I need to take that Nature Walk again, because my troubles just reappeared.

Suzanne said...

I just got off the phone with Cece and she hasn't made it to the hospital yet, but she's okay. Her dad was so funny. He asked why he'd been rescuitated!! He was pissed! Okay, let's bake a special dessert for him! I think he might need one. Cece too.

Okay, Cece just called back to ask if she hung up on me! We laughed a good long time. Nope! I love that woman. I do. With all my heart. Can you imagine life without her? Nope. Me either. Wouldn't that be awful?

Life is beautiful.


bindhiya said...

Your Dad is in my thoughts and prayers...
I am just back from Debbie's place is just scary even seeing all those pictures...

Cecile, I have masala Chai here...Soan Papdi I have to go to a Indian store...You know we don't have any Indian store where I live..
My aunt make the best Soan Papdi...

Kylie, Sure we are ready for Dessert buffet for you...

Suze, Stop by to any Indian store and look for Masala Tea bags or Tea Masala... or Just buy the spices and mix it... I add fresh ginger in my tea...
if you buy tea masala, boil a spoon of masala with 2 cups of water and add tea bags..
the sweet follow the link to buy online or check in any Indian store..

Ms. so glad to hear you like the sweet...

Suze, Don't add anything else in that gonna get spoil :))

My baby will love that little ones and hedggie's company.. we went to library today and she was so happy to see so many little ones there..

Cecile, I will mail you soon..Please know that your Dad and family is in our prayers and thoughts...
Sweetie, are they in AR...
This is almost 10 pm... I will try to call tomorrow..
love you all...
♥ & ((hugs))

Suzanne said...

Okay, I'm going to take one of Bindi's little yellow cupcakes and mozy out to the dance floor. Nope, can't find my shoes, so who cares! *Twirls around and puts arms into the air in pure joy...* Life is good. Music starts playing and all is right with the world.

Cecile said...

My dad is doing better. They may try to infuse another unit of blood, but they will do it in the CCU this time. He had a severe transfusion rx and his heart stopped last night. We are very lucky to still have him with us, but he feels a little less fortunate. He told me last night that he has had a good long life and that he wished they would have just let him go on. I told him that Mom and Theresa did what they felt they needed to do in order to live with themselves. I told him that Theresa needed him here with her for just a little bit longer to give her the support she needs to get through her current cancer ordeal. He just smiled and patted my arm and said O.K. If they don't give him any more blood, then they are going to move him to a regular room. Now I must shower and head back up there. Talk to you later. And thanks for all of the support.


CIELO said...

Thank you for advertising our "Dessert Carnival" on your blog.... you are suppost to email me your dessert picture so I can put it on my blog on the day of the carnival, and then you can talk about it and post your recipe on the same date: April 30th. It's a surprice!

Send your pictures as soon as you can so I can download it.

... and so nice meeting you!


Leah said...

Hi peeps (and by that I mean the yummy chick and bunny shaped marshmallow kind)--

Bindi, that dessert looks delicious. I'm going to make the tea for myself and my daughter--we both thought it sounded yummy. Great post!

Suzanne said...


It's always made me laugh that you use the word "peeps" too. It's a fun word. I use it to refer to my kitties, my family and my blogging friends. And believe me, my favorite Easter "thing," (for lack of a better term) is marshmallow peeps! I bought them for the last time two years ago and realized the love affair was probably over ~ they were sort of nauseating (perhaps because I ate the whole box)! But they're still oh so cute. And, I love how you can put a whole one in your mouth and it can still make you laugh in your 40's!

Wanna go play some "slops?"


Jim said...

Thanks for not spilling the beans
u know and I no

that pic was not Ras Malai

Edson said...

Greetings from Brazil!!
Thanks a lot for this wonderful recipe of Soan Papdi. I did not know this sweet made for the God!!! what is it? A friend of mine brought me as a gift and I could not believe the flavour! It's magic! I will try to make it and I will let you know how it ended up. But it's a bit dificult to find Gee down here.
Edson Rosa

tropical said...

Greetings from Brazil!
Thanks for the Soan Papdi recipe! I got a pack from a friend and I could not believe the flavour....I will try to make it!!! Its a bit difficult to find some spices down here...I will look around.