Monday, April 14, 2008

Cupcake Party for Robyn's Birthday!

Well, Robyn sweetie, I think your birthday, although it's on Wednesday, needs to kick off today! I know how sometimes we can get in a bit of an existential funk around our birthdays, and I want to invite all our friends here to come and eat cupcakes together to celebrate the coolness that is Robyn and try to scare off the funk with our carousing! However, if we want to feel a little funky, that's okay too! But I'm turning up the James Brown and Hot Chocolate so we can get funky while we're feeling funky!

Robyn, the picture is of the cupcake that is especially for you--I just now picked it up on the way back home from walking Hedgehog to school--it's double fudge with a rich fudge glaze on top--these are the best cupcakes, so delicious and homemade (although not by me, but by a local bakery).

Now for the rest of us, check out this menu from the Magnolia Bakery in NYC. They're catering this shindig! You're in for a treat!

Come on in the Wild Onion and drop some birthday greetings, eat cupcakes, drink up, shake your moneymaker, and just generally beat back the blues in honor of our girl Robyn on her birthday week!



*leaves bottle shaped paper bag with "happy birthday" scrawled onto it on bar. heads to the back room for a "massage"*

Suzanne said...


I'm ready to shake my money maker in honor of our darling Robyn! I've lost my heels, but who cares, I'm wearin' flip flops and lovin' it baby!

I'll take a cupcake and a cup of tea while I wait to dance with our birthday girl. She's busy dancing with the bartender at the moment. "Hey bartender, I need some tea!" How in the hell is that man making a living if he's always on the dance floor? Okay, as usual, I'll get my own. Oh, that's right, we have "hot chocolate," I'll have that instead, with a shot of James Brown. Why? Cuz, I feel good.

I love the Magnolia Bakery!!! Known about it for years and years and years. They bake something like a gazillion cupcakes a day and do so brilliantly. How'd you get them to cater this shindig? Wow wee! How lucky we are. I'll order from the menu in a little while. Right now I'm going to sit, wait for Robyn to finish with her boy toy, eat my cupcake, get a pleasant sugar high and drink my hot chocolate. Smmmmmooooth.

With just a bit of effort I think we can chase the funk right out of Elk Grove! And you know what Leah? We celebrate a birthday "week" as well. I knew I liked you for a reason! :) And one more thing...THAT CUPCAKE IS GORGEOUS!!!! What a gem of a friend you are. My birthday's August 8th, so mark it on your calendar honey! Love you Leah and thank you for putting on such a wonderful party. And to the birthday girl:



Cecile said...

Happy B. day Robyn.

Just for you, we have arranged for Avril to come perform in the concert hall. She will be playing her instant classic "Keep Holdin' On" just for you.

Disturbed is going to play this weekend.
Sorry folks, if you want country or pop you will have to schedule them your self. This girl like to head bang. Perhaps that's why I'm deaf in one ear. I'm in line behind I.V. for the massage.

Cecile said...

Oh funny Suze, we are here at the same time. Here, I'll buy you a drink. Spring water with lemon? I'll have to add a secret shot to it to get you really going. Nice to see ya! *Cece give Suze a virtual hug and sits down at the bar with her to drool over the hot cross dressing bartender.* By the way, his name is Jorge.

Suzanne said...

Cece, we have to stop meeting like this. We comment at almost the exact same time everywhere. Why? Knock it off! Are you followin' me? And hey, aren't you supposed to be scratching some sort of mold on some sort of dish?

Hurray for us Robyn...Cece got Avril!!! And like you said to me dear friend, Keep Holdin' On. See. What goes around, comes around. It's all a beautiful circle and friends never forget.

I was going to ask "When did we get a massage room?" But I've learned not to ask about or question anything. No rules. Okay, I'm in line in back of Cece. I.V. has been in there a long, long time. Think he fell asleep? Probably not!


Suzanne said...

You typed faster than me! Damnit.

Suzanne said...

I refuse to drink spring water today because I'm drinking Leah's hot chocolate, so your sly little shot didn't touch my lips you wacky broad! I'm straight, sane and lovin' it baby. Here honey, have a cupcake. It's virtual, won't even matter tomorrow! By the way gorgeous, our bartender is really a looker no matter how he dresses. I love his long curly hair. Yum! What a great job you did just grabbin' and not interviewin'! I think that should be a new employment tool: Grab, don't ask.

So, his name is George? Okay, that's pretty pedestrian. I'm not likin' that. With your imagination you can come up with something more droolable. I'll sit here and wait. Love ya baby!


*stetches after "massage", sits down at the bar and opens birthday bottle and pours self drink then rewraps it. looks around and makes casual speak with "jorge", pokes fun at suz for not knowing how to say george in spanish. joke about his new shoes and all the bathroom cam photos of the girls room that are posted in the boys room*

Gig said...

"Happy Birtday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Robyn...Happy Birthday to you!!

Let's Party like it's 1999 all week long...

Hey, I checked and we can get Bob Seger, Rascal Flats, and Toby Keith this week, I think that makes for some variety, let me know who you would like...between us we can line up whoever you would like to see in this here virtual world.

Time for one of those BEAUTIFUL chocolate cupcakes...yummy...
Leah, what a great job planning this awesome Party,

Are we ready for a little old time rock and roll?

*sits down next to inner voices, drinks right from "birthday bottle", "says thanks", slides off barstool and goes thru beads to get in line for massage*


what about wham! could we get wham to play?!?! or vanilla ice, i think he might be out of jail by now!

*wanders why he didnt go for the bannana massage with happy ending in the massage room, everyone else seems to be taking longer than he did. wonders what the equivalent is for the ladies...*


*polishes off birthday bottle, opens jacket and replaces the empty one with a full one from his pocket*

Leah said...

Hi everybuggy--

Bathroom cam? I'm gettin' a little skeered, better pass over the birthday bottle--hope Robyn shows up before it's gone!

And by the way, can I add a group therapy session in one of the back rooms? Could come in handy one of these days...LOL...

Suzanne said...

Jorge ~ sorry baby ~ thought that was Norwegian or Scandinevian! My bad. Spanish?! I took Spanish. That doesn't look Spanish. Hummmmmmmm. You yankin' my chain buddy? I must have missed that. And as Rob would say "Oh, you're missin' somethin' alright."

Glad the massage was good and you still have your banana. We don't have banana massages here. This is a family establishment. Okay, a semi-family establishment. Okay, no rules. It's whatever the hell you want it to be (see Cece, I'm gettin' with the program). The ladies got the "special:" The Full Robyn's Birthday Spa Treatment. I feel refreshed and ready to eat more cupcakes. And nope, we ladies aren't interested in the stuff you're interested in, "Right girlies?" We just want a few minutes of peace, quiet, relaxation and a good facial if possible!

Oh, and about that bathroom cam...did you get a good shot of my Manolo Blahniks before I lost them dancin' with Gig? Hope so. They were prrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttteeeee. Give me one if you can get it off the wall. We're all sorta easy on the eye, aren't we baby? I can understand wanting us with you even in the tinkle room.

Perhaps you and Gig should lay off Robyn's birthday gift. What the hell's she going to open?

You are too funny! You kill me! When did you become a comedian? And honey? Where the hell are my shoes?

Okay, it's official. I'm bookin' Cold Play and Arrow Smith. Cold Play is of course a stadium band, so we're going to have the steal all the bleachers from local high schools and colleges. Enough to seat, roughly 100,000. We can manage that. Right? I.V. appears pretty muscular and Jorge will come in handy (oh he'll come in handy alright). We'll also need someone to drive the pickup (aka "get-away-vehicle"). Who has a valid lisence? Hedgehog! Auntie Suzanne needs a little assistance. Tell Daddy you're on a sleep over honey. Don't worry about Mommy, she's busy with bleachers. *Rubbing hands's gonna be a fun evening!* But we have to hurry...Hedhog's bedtime is 8pm.

Downs a swig of the birthday bottle. Feels all warm and toasty inside.

Cecile said...

Wow, the bleachers fit nicely.
*Takes a swig from the birthday bottle.* I don't think Aerosmith was spelled correctly Suze. Unless ArrowSmith is a cover band. We sure know she's not a rocker. I made some "Green" cupcakes to celebrate Robyn's birthday the right way. HA (You guys know I'm just kidding right?) Afterall, where I work in the real world, we have to take random drug screens. So Virtual hash is all I can consume. (or wish to for that matter.) Anyway, there right beside the pink ones.
* Goes out and break dances to Salt n Pepper's "Push It"*

Suzanne said...

I can't spell? Shit!

Suzanne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leah said...

Where's our birthday girl?

Suzanne said...

I deleted. Too much swearing. I'm going to stop swearing, starting right now, d*****.

I think the birthday girl is working. I'll give her a shout out via email and see what she's up to.

Well, the bleachers look terrific. This is going to be an awfully busy weekend if all the bands show up! Our own mini-Woodstock! Thank goodness we built the Cafe on all this beautiful land. Cecile you had wonderful foresight?

See you later peeps ~ I'm off to the park and to contact Aerosmith. I'm hoping they'll still perform after insulting the crap out of them! Thanks for the coffee and croissant. Love this place.


what about wham!

Suzanne said...

No rules honey!!! Invite whomever you want. Wham's welcome. Just put them in the line up and make sure they shake their money maker. ;)


Suzanne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suzanne said...

WHOOPS! That was me again. I published twice.

bindhiya said...

Happy birthday to you Dear Robyn!
our Serene is going to dance and sing for you in a bit..

I made some sweet kher for you and all of our friends here...

Suzanne said...

Bindi and Serene!!! Hi babies!!! Welcome home my dear friends. It is so good to finally hear your voice. I actually have tears in my eyes. Isn't that odd. We have missed you so very, very much. You are just in time. Robyn's about to turn? Who knows what, but it doesn't matter!!! She needs us. You arrived just in time. I love you and I know she'll appreciate your appearance. I hope you are well dear friend. Love you.


Robyn said...

OMGosh! Leah that cupcake is the best! And on top of that...purple candle! MY FAVORITE color! You rock as all of you do! Sorry it took me so long to respond. I worked Mon/Tues and then wedesday I was vaccuming and Jim suprised me with 1) him walking in the door 2)a hugh bouquet of flowers from the 'gang'!
I burst out in tears I was so overwhelmed! By both surprises! It warmed my heart to no end! And now I come here and I am bawling reading all this! Thank you all so very much!
Many hugs,