Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I found my heart's desire.

Yeah, I found my heart
is made of chocolate.
No, wait, my hearts
desire is chocolate.
Yes, I think chocolate
is my first love.

Ode to Chocolate

It's sweet and creamy, and such a great treat.
Yes, chocolate is something I really love to eat.
On ice cream, as gravy, in cookies, in cakes.
Chocolate is a real friend, it is never a fake.

Chocolate will listen to your troubles and trial.
It will never lie to you, or make you face denial.
Chocolate, will comfort, will pacify, will sooth.
Chocolate IS a perfect food.

So eat yourself so chocolate, no do not delay.
Yes, eat treat yourself to a chocolate souffle.
Make this day special, chocolate can't hurt.
Make sure you get your just desserts.


Anonymous said...



Gig said...

"Can I have this for my Birthday pleasseeee"....yes I am *begging*!!

I am in total agreement with random...Chocolate...mmmmmmmmmmmm

Suzanne said...

Oh...My...God. Gig's completely lost it! Oh and the chocolate looks great too. I agree with R.C. and the "Three Faces of Eve"...yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme. Screw my birthday, I want it RIGHT NOW!

Now, that better not be Kylie's cake for the Dessert Carnival at Cielo's. Please tell me it's not. Does anyone read the rules? Anyone?

Also, it's Kylie's birthday today. Did anyone read the rules? Yes, technically it's tomorrow for us, but it's already Wednesday in Australia. This is going to be my new rule, okay?: "I can not think for everyone because I can barely think for myself." But remember, it isn't Wednesday in America so you can't post the Dessert Carnival photo yet on your blog or here, that can only be posted Wednesday or after (in your country!). ***Using mallet, knocks head hard three times...shakes it...still has no clarity, repeats, still none, but a wicky headache.***

I have to go back to my blog. I'm posting for Kylie's birthday. Yes, of course, everything is from all of you too. *Lifts skirt past knees and takes a very long bow.* Yup, I'm exhausted, fell asleep down there! Hell, nearly fell into the orchestra pit.


P.S. A wonderful new viewer stopped by last night to comment. She commented here. Thought this was my blog. Good Lord! I ran as fast as I could to here blog to say "No, No, No, you're wrong, it's down there!" She returned. :)

Suzanne said...

that was supposed to be "yummmmmmmmmmmee."

Gig said...

I have already had too much chocolate today, I bribed the kids I was Subbing for with Brownies...the fumes must have got to me, but I know I did not hit the publish key 3 times, but crazier things have happened,lol

But, I do want that cake, May 9th will be here real soon. Ok, I will shut-up now!!

So, I did delete, no reason for overkill, right?

Suzanne said...

I published a comment right after Gig. Where is it? I can't do it again. My brain is like mush. Trust me, I published that comment. Gig, you're wacky and you're the best!


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, chocolate *drool*

Cecile said...

Gig, I got rid of your ugly deletes for you. And sure you can have the cake for your birthday, you'll just have to bake it yourself.

RC, I'm glad you LOVE this post. The poem is an original of mine. I wrote it while I was sitting at the computer, so it was sort of on the fly.

I'm not breaking any contest rules. I plan on emailing something different to Cielo once I get home. So no broken rules! Although, I've already stated before that we only have one rule here. NO RULES!!!!!!!

It's so nice to see you here at the Onion. Sit back, and throw a few drinks back with me. We'll take a whirl on the dance floor together in a bit.

Ta Ta for now.


Suzanne said...

Cece ~ you're so funny. I was telling Random Chick last night "Ah screw it, there are no rules at the Cafe!" And look, you have to come here and remind me of your NO RULES rule. Technically you're breaking your own rule by having that rule. Ya know what I mean?

I didn't see your dessert at the Carnival. Did I miss it? I'll go back and look again.

It's funny. Looks like we chased Inner Voices clear on out of here with posts about shoes and dessert. What a whimp! He'll blame it on his elbow.

Love ya,
P.S. I read your book to the crew again the other night and they all looked at me as if I was Santa! They actually listened and we all had a wonderful time. This is the 3rd or 4th time they've heard it, so I think they expect it as a bedtime story now.

CIELO said...

Well, you should have post about your love for chocolate on the carnival... now everyone is celebrating your birthday at the house in the roses for you, and you are not even there... my goodness! :)

Happy birthday


Anonymous said...