Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well, I procrastinated and didn't get my dessert sent in for the Carnival, so I guess you all will just have to enjoy it here. White Chocolate Tiramisu Cake. I made it Just for Kylie's Birthday. I think it would have gotten lost in all that dessert anyway, so maybe it is best that I can just show it off all by itself. Anyway, enjoy the sugar overload.


kylie said...

what an amazing birthday cake!

Suzanne said...

That's what I said too. WOW!!! And you even silver leafed the pears for the photo shoot. Man, you're good. How'd you manage that with 2 kids, a job, a hubby, a dog, a house and a yard? Wow.

Kylie, do you mind if I take a bite? And by the way...Happy Birthday week! (The flowers are still looking beautiful I might add. I got to keep the flowers and eat the cheese cake...hummmmmm...that was some birthday you had!)



im not much for cake, but that looks damn good to me too. got any vanilla icecream!?!?