Saturday, April 26, 2008

Okay...New Rule

Cielo has informed us that we are NOT supposed to post our dessert until the day of the Carnival (and as most of you know, the Carnival is to celebrate Kylie's birthday). We have only 4 days left to get our act together. This is Kylie's birthday, so no screwin' around unless you want to walk your sorry ass to Australia and explain why we failed. All desserts are to be sent (well photos) to cielo at I'll check that just to be sure. I'm horrible with email addresses. Bake, bake bake until you can't bake any more. Oh, Cielo also said it can be a no bake dessert. So no bake, no bake, no bake yourself until you can no bake no more. Don't delay. We only have 4 days. And by this post, I think it's about 3. I know we all multi-task, so this is easy! Hey, she said you can also steal a photo from the internet!'s a no brainer. Steal and send.

Happy Birthday Kylie!!! (That girl is going to be so ripped on sugar.)


Update: Do you realize I was so frantic I didn't even post a freakin' photo? Good Lord. Someone post quickly please. Don't make me come back here.


bindhiya said...

Bake bake bake and no bake bake bake and steal too... what a wonderful invention to invent?

Happy birthday Kylie!!!
we will get you high on Sugar...then you will be Sugar Kylie... :))

kylie said...

i dont know what to say!
i started it, didnt i? but i didnt expect this :)

bindhiya said...

It's OK Sugar least someone has to start... :))
BTW you did a great start... beautiful...

Suzanne said...

Bindi! Yup...anything goes!!! Do your best, that's all we ask apparently. Probably because we all know the game.

Suzanne said...

Sugar Kylie,

Oh it's gonna be beautiful.


Gig said...

Ok, does this mean that I don't have to post the pic and carnival info,on my blog? I am getting ready to bake, bake and bake for a bake sale and the Dessert Carnival!! Well, actually no-bake.

Ok, just to let you all know I love CHOCOLATE, especially BROWNIES,(not Girl Scouts), Lemon Meringue Pie, well you get the idea...reason I am offering this info is May 9th is a wonderful day for a Taurus!!
Now don't feel pressured for another Party, but what the hell!!
Booze, slot machines, poker, we can have a great time.

Ok, I have to go to the kitchen and start working, will chat later!

BTW, we had rain last night, so the fire danger is down, Great news.
Thanks for everybodies prayers!!

love you all,