Monday, April 21, 2008

one for the road...

introducing the "one for the road" glassware. from now on when folks say"I'll have one more for the road." they will be served from these fine Belgium glasses... enjoy!


Gig said...

"Jorge, Jorge, make mine a double please!!"
*slides off bar stool, looks around for Suze, stumbles into vegas room...*

Great pic, i.v.

Suzanne said...

Jorge, Jorge...make mine a single. Thank God they make Spring Water with a lemon chaser. "Slides off bar stool, hits ass to floor, looks arounds for shoes, then like Gig, stumbles into Vegas Room..." *Mumbles to self, "Why can't I find my damn shoes?"*

Suzanne said...

My use of quotes and asssstrisssessess, was all wrong. I have a migraine. Forgive me.

kylie said...

suze, if you're gonna go losing your shoes all the time you need to wear something cheaper than manolos !

Cecile said...

No won noticed. Yes I meant one but I was proving a point. Jorge, make mine with a bomb of yeager. Oh and Suze, I'm not sure if Sadie is spayed or not, she's not my dog. And Gabe, the little pommiepoo humping her, isn't my dog either. Sadie belongs to Carol, sort of, and Gabe belongs to my sister Theresa. But my dog, Javie dog is spayed!

Suzanne said...


They're the only damn shoes I have in this place and for some reason they keep going missing. I don't buy a lot of shoes, just a pair or two and that's that. I want my damn shoes back!!! Where are they? I'm going to wait right here until they show up.

Okay, maybe I won't.

Gig said...

I found your shoes!! Go to, the April 19th post, titled "More than Shoes"!!! There are more kinds of Manalo (sp) shoes than you can imagine...I found this blog thru Cielo and her Dessert Carnival. Enjoy window shopping!!

Suzanne said...


Your damn link got me no where. I'm belly up. Laying here waiting for the right one. I'm wigglin' my toes, lookin' at the sky and laughin'. Life is perfect.


CIELO said...

Hi Gig.... thank you for stopping by my house in the roses.... I hope you can participate in the carnival.... send in your photograph.... it doesn't have to be a recent recipe... you can use an old dessert photograph... this is going to be so much fun....


Gig said...

Ok, Suze
I will double check on the link for the shoes.
I will comment later on Gigsville too and the new post here...which is great by the way...I decided to "bake" too.

Right now I am about 70 miles from home in the parking lot of Munson Hospital, while Mr. Big has a stress test. We have been here since 8:00 a.m.
He had to see a Pulmonology Dr.and now a Cardilogist. Busy day. But guess what I am soaking up the sun, Yippee!! We went for a long walk along the water. I will post some pics. Please excuse my spelling,lol.

Try this link:

Let me know,
love ya, Gig

Anonymous said...

Can I have two for the road?? LOL!